We currently offer real estate lead generation at a fraction of the cost of Zillow or Trulia.  Our leads are shown to convert and most importantly our customers who want to talk to you!  We service any major market in Texas (San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Corpus etc) and can connect you with fresh leads.  Our real estate lead generation service is a great way to fill your pipeline.  If you are just starting your life as a realtor finding real estate leads can be a challenge.  Don't stress over it, call us today.  We offer 4 types of leads check them out below and see which lead will work best for you!  All of our leads are pay as you go which means no upfront costs or contracts.  We get a lead, we ask if you want it, we send over an invoice, and once the invoice is cleared we send you the lead!  It is that simple!  A big difference between our lead generation and the competition is that our leads are unique to each individual.  We do not share leads with other clients.  We also offer real estate lead generation for apartment rentals and lead generation for house rentals.



Our verified leads are a great way to connect with buyers who are ready.  These leads are within 24 hours (usually same day) and we have gone the extra mile to speak with them to find out their needs.  By the time you get the lead you will have the following information;

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Are they looking to buy or sell?

  • Are they pre-approved?

  • What area are they looking for?

  • How many beds/bathrooms 


These leads will also be ready to buy within the next 30-60 days.  We speak with the leads before they ever come your way to make sure you are not wasting your time!  Our verified leads start at $10.00 per lead.  These leads are unique to you and not shared leads!






Let's face it, not all potential contacts will have stellar credit.  That doesn't mean though that these potential leads are throwaways.  A lot of consumers assume they have bad credit without ever knowing.  We have worked with plenty of realtors who have purchased our owner finance leads only to find out that the lead qualifies for traditional financing!  These leads are a great way to build your pipeline and will also have cash in hand to purchase an owner finance property.  When the lead reaches you here is the information you will have;

  • Name 

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Down Payment Amount

  • An overview of their credit (we ask them about their credit and relay what was said back to you)

  • Proof of income (we make sure that if they are self-employed they can prove they actually made money on taxes)

  • Down payment amount

  • What they can afford monthly

  • What side of town they are looking for

  • What they want in a home

If they have under 5k saved for a down payment we will not pass the lead to you.  Our leads must have at least 5k and up saved in order to qualify as an owner finance lead.  Our owner finance leads start at $7.00 a lead.  These leads are unique to you and not shared leads.



The market is hot in San Antonio and real estate investment leads are a huge deal.  This is a very competitive market but our strategies generate real leads from motivated sellers.  These leads can range from homes to land, even lots.  All of our leads are priced on a per lead basis depending on the type of lead we receive (home leads more expensive then lot leads).  Our investor leads are same day fresh and by the time you receive the lead you will know the following;

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Email

  • How much they are looking to get for it

  • Why they are selling

  • Any repairs or issues we should be aware of

We speak to the lead to ensure you are not wasting your time or paying for a dud.  These are sellers who want their property gone and are looking for a cash offer.  These leads are unique to you and are not shared leads!  Don't waste your time and money on Adwords or other pay per click programs.  Our pay per lead strategy will connect you with buyers at a fraction of the cost.  Call us today for pricing!






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