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Let's face it if you are a realtor in Texas you are probably in one of the most competitive fields out there.  The number of homes bought and sold every month equals nowhere near the amount of registered real estate agents out there.  Digital marketing is a great way to make your self competitive and give you a leg up on the competition.  Let those other companies send out $14,000 a month in mailers while we use a way smaller budget to get you better results.  Take a look at what we have to offer.

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For Real Estate

If you are a real estate agent your primary goal is to find clients and sell houses.  The problem with this is that the majority of real estate agencies are taught that you must be active on social media.  Is this true?  It is but not the way they want you to be.  Real estate brokerages train their employees that they need to peacock on social media.  This might look like showing your latest client with a big key at the brokerage, you drinking coffee in a fancy restaurant, or any number of things that are not VALUE ADDED!  If you are going to post their needs to be a reason and ultimate end game behind it.  We use a variety of tools to showcase industry news, insightful articles, advertisement of services to make sure that your real estate social media plan is driving your audience to the logical conclusion, to contact you to buy or sell a home.  If you are struggling to create content or just find the time to post our social media marketing for real estate agents package is for you.

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A lot of brokeragers will set their clients up with a website.  99 percent of them suck and do nothing for you.  So what happens?  You ignore it, have no clue it exists, and contact us 2 years later after having it for help.  Your website is the start of your digital marketing funnel and having a website designed for real estate agents and their needs is where you need to begin.  When you create your own website away from your broker you can benefit from an increase in search engine ranking, lead capture, and most importantly integration with any tools or CRM that you might have.  We are up to date with the latest components of IDX and CRM's and can help you to design a website that will look good, function easily, and most importantly require a low learning curve to use.  




Dialers and


One of the funniest things I see with real estate professionals is that there is a huge market geared toward following up.  If you aren't following up you are losing the potential lead.  What happens though is that there are so many CRM's and dialers that real estate agents end up spending thousands of dollars on a program or dialer that they have no clue how to use.  From Lions Desk to Mojo Dialer we have set up and helped real estate agents and brokers develop the skills they need to utilize these products effectively and turn themselves into a lead generation warehouse.  If you can relate to any of this, stop right now and call us.  



Leverage social media to help push your brand and acquire new leads and customers.  

Search engine optimization will get your website in front of customers without the need for paid advertisements.

Single-handedly one of the most important pieces to have a successful digital marketing funnel.

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